Myriam Jessier


I'm a tech speaker & writer

I can 'show & tell' with a flair

Turning complex technical issues into engaging stories

I take to the stage and turn dense topics into engaging, accessible stories that resonate.

I focus on dev, UX & SEO events.

I open source my knowledge through conferences, workshops, articles and podcasts. I love going down rabbit holes in public and have been privileged to take the stage in Paris, London, Zurich, Québec and more.

Myriam Jessier

I Speak at Events Around the World


Here are some conferences I gave in the past


This Measure Fest conference talk was created to help marketing professionals get more comfortable with using regular expressions in their work. Concrete examples were provided, useful tips as well. This deck is meant to be downloaded and used regularly.

Regular Expressions for SEO

Measure Fest


This BrightonSEO technical talk is focused on offering a communication tool (the image performance budget) to help stakeholders, developers, designers and SEOs agree on how images should be handled to avoid performance issues due to image bloat.

Image Performance Budget



In this WTS Fest London talk, I go down the rabbit-hole and share with everyone (marketers, technical specialists, developers) what I know about images on the web. This was a comprehensive masterclass on image optimization for SEOs and marketers.

Going down the image SEO rabbit-hole

WTS Fest

Tech speaker, Podcast Guest & Writer

Conference Speaker

I have been a tech conference speaker for around a decade. As an international speaker, I travel quite a bit to talk in Europe and North America.

Podcast Guest

Lending my voice and expertise to podcasts, I talk about the current realities and evolutions in our digital landscape. I have been on quite a few podcasts in the SEO space.


Translating dense technical information into interesting documentation, my articles and contributions are a bridge between UX, developers, content specialists and SEO experts.

I've Been a Guest on Podcasts


Listen as Myriam & Mordy Oberstein explore the problem of gender bias present in Google. We address key questions: how does gender bias play out on the SERP, how certain languages are impacted by Google's gender more bias than others, why gender bias in search results disincentivizes good content.

Gender Bias And Google Search Results

The SEO Rant


In episode 76, Myriam Jessier of PRAGM stops by to help you understand how images can be used to create a substantial boost to your organization's SEO efforts. We discuss what tactics and strategies can be used to with visuals to improve your ranking in the SERPs.

Untapped Opportunities With Image SEO



Welcome dear listeners to this big bumper episode of Search With Candour, our Halloween Spooktacular 2022! Joining your (g)host Jack Chambers-Ward this week are the devliss duo of Scream Queens, the mortifying Myriam Jessier and shocking Stéphanie Walter.

SEO Horror Stories

Search With Candour

I Moonlight as a Content Writer

Armed with a nice cup of tea and fun music, I craft content that aims to make complex concepts accessible to most folks. No fluff, I share my perspective on how search engines function. Expect the unexpected: deep dives that are as entertaining as they are enlightening, all served with a side of snark.
Check out the image optimization ebook I wrote for Oncrawl It's a deep-dive into image optimization for technical SEO experts, marketing specialists and designers.


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