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Hire Me!

Why Hire me?

I’m a T-shaped professional. It basically means that I have an ability to help you figure out what needs to be done to achieve your goals…and actually do it with you, for you or as part of a team. Take a peek at some of the services I offer to see if this could fit your needs.

If you are a startup or small business

I work with startups and small businesses on a regular basis. SEO for a startup or a small business can be challenging. If you are wondering “should I focus on this SEO thing?” or wondering if it’s time to aim for better visibility with online ads, then we could work together. On average, I see that organic traffic (the SEO bit) garners 60% of the total traffic of a website for small businesses and startups. That’s why SEO is a good bet when it comes to your online presence.

If you are an agency

I am the best white label you’ll ever meet! I’ve worked with quite a few agencies here in Montréal. Why not you? If you are looking for someone flexible that can fit in comfortably with a group of developers or lead the SEO part of your client’s content strategy: I’m it.

If you are part of a business

If your challenges are focused on growing traffic acquisition or making sure that everything is optimized properly when it comes to your SEO or AdWords campaigns, we could work together quite well. I won’t waste your time by offering the same generic types of audits and analysis you can get from an SEO software. My focuse is on making sure that my work brings valuable insights that lead to actually changes within your digital marketing.

Am I expensive?

Well, that depends. If you are looking for a Fiverr type of pricing, you could be in for a big surprises. Generally, I am cheaper than most digital agencies and my rates are adjusted for longer term projects.

What’s the process?

Well, first, we will meet (via Skype or in person if you are in the same city as me) and you’ll get a free one hour consultation to see if there is a fit between my skills and perspective and your project. After that, I will come up with an estimate and have you review it so that the final proposal is something we are both comfortable with.

Once this is approved, we can get started on the work!

Contact me and I’ll give you a quick estimate!

Each project is different for me which is why I don’t provide a price list.