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🖕 1.0 #womenintech

This weekend has been grueling.

Not my best introduction.
I should do better.
People insist I have a way with words.

The words don’t really come out right because I’m too busy blinking back tears of frustration.
It’s pretty awful. All that blinking doesn’t help the tide recede a bit.

6.66% or 6.67%.
That’s 1/15 of humanity for me today.
That’s what I’m angry at.

I had a student come in.
It’s funny, I’m a teacher.
Feels nice.

15 students. You’re the only one swaggering in an hour late.
15 students. You’re not the only one over 50.
15 students. You’re the only one waving me over like I’m a dog.

Of course you haven’t followed the 101 course.
“I’m in I.T., it’s fine.”
No, it’s not. You keep disrupting the class.

Ever had a student treat you like this?

  • “No, I haven’t done the work assigned just now. I downloaded a Google Analytics Manual and started reading it instead” during the class.
  • Walk in 1 hour late the first day and 2 hours late the second day?
  • Flag you down like you are his servant?

Ever get good advice?

  • Don’t get angry, he’s old and doesn’t know better.
  • Why didn’t you put him in his place?
  • Oh, yeah, those tech guys are sexist. Thank goodness I don’t deal with them.

Guess what?

  • I told him publicly and calmly that there was no point in attending the class if he was going to read a manual and not do the work.
  • I pointed out that he was wasting my time and the other students’ time on multiple occasions.
  • He kept telling me I was wrong despite me stating: “Sir, this is my expertise. I am paid to do this. I have experience and data to back up my recommendations” at least 3 times.

Please, go on.
Tell me that it’s not worth my time.
Tell me that it doesn’t matter.

Last I checked, I was still a teacher that day.
Last I checked, folks value my expertise.
Last I checked, I still don’t deserve to be treated this way.

I’m angry that I’m angry.
I’m angry that no one lets me be angry about this.
Not even me.

I’m not 😢; I’m 😥.
The first one is called Crying Face and the second one is called Sad but Relieved Face.
I can’t really see the difference because it’s raining too hard in my eyes right now.

This weekend has been grueling.