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Fall 2018 European Travels


You are probably seeing this because you clicked a link in my email signature.

If you did not click a link in my email signature, could you please tell me who you are? I always wonder who reads my blog posts.

Let’s get down to business, here are my exact dates and locations:

  • 🥘Barcelona : 09/12 – 09/15 unavailable except for tapas
  • 🏛️ Rome : 09/15 – 09/19 unavailable except for museum strolls and pasta
  • 🧀Zurich : 09/19 – 09/22 booked – speaking gigs
  • Prague ?
  • 🌶️Budapest : for sure 09/26 – 10/10 booked from 9/26 until 10/01 for workshops

What does this mean?

  1. If you want to meet in Barcelona, Rome, Zurich or Budapest: we can!
  2. If you work with me or want to work with me, it means that I will most likely be fully available in the beginning of October.
  3. If we are currently working together, fear not, you have been planned in my calendar!

I just need to take a few days off for mental & physical health while I give my husband some time to woo me.

I can’t wait!