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The best list of free stock photo images for commercial use

This list was updated in 2021 to reflect some changes.

The big list of websites with all the best photos you can download for free

Hello, this is an odd blog post. I’m not teaching anything to anyone here. This article aims to share the best resources for free stock photo pictures you can use for commercial use. Basically, we are *all* wondering about this stuff. But before you dive-in, make sure to read up on the rules, regulations and best practices when it comes to using stock photos.

Let me introduce you to a list made by a pro in the field that I have improved over time. If need to know exactly what I do, and where I do it, check me out. If not, just dive in to look at these awesome sources of stock photos.

The most famous sites to get free images for commercial use

Stockphoto websites to find images for commercial use

Free vintage photos (pre-selfie era images)

Just look at the picture I found on the New Old Stock website. These are legit astronauts doing a pretty memorable (not going to say epic) pool landing. Historic backyard fun moments no?

astronauts in poolSometimes we can feel nostalgic. These websites are for the rebels who don’t believe in vintage Instagram filters. If you are nostalgic for the bygone days of old school photography, check out these websites:

Single artist stock photo websites

Free videos and photos for commercial use (and more stuff too)

Bonus : Desygner

Desygner is a design tool for content creation, where you can use images on your designs or on thousands of pre-designed templates that you can get for free. Free images and design together? You need Desygner. How do I know this? Well, I got to take a look at their dachshund images for one of my projects. This is absolutely what I need for my dog blog. I am sure you have more serious corporate projects that could benefit from their huge bank of images.

Other websites that offer pretty cool pictures free for commercial use

Free Stock Video Websites

Free Sound Clips

Negative Space

They operate with a CC0 license.


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