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A Full-Body Workout You Can Do In Your Office Chair

I’m not sure I can do any of this in my awesome rolling office chair but it’s nice to know I have options.

Currently, my office workout is sharply limited to me turning the little crank of my standing desk until it’s almost at armpit level.

So, if you found a way to put a break on your rolling chair, enjoy this nifty way to take care of the fitness thing without obsessively hunting for Pokemon around town.

There’s some isometric muscle action in there and other activities that should keep you from hunching over your computer too much.  Worst case scenario, just duck in a meeting room, act totally shady while doing so and then get that exercising thing out of the way.

Going on a limb but could we just create an “online shopping at 2 am” type of workout. That would fit my reality a bit more. Or wait…a special standing desk workout? Because right now, all I’m doing is the tiny booty shake when I listen to insane Japanese video game music while working. Don’t worry though, the whole video game music thing is just a phase. The booty shake though…it’s here to stay.

Source: Lifehacker – A Full-Body Workout right in your chair