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About Me

Myriam Jessier Blue Hair

I always wonder about the type of person who would check out my About Me section.

Well, here you are.

This is the place where I can be honest with you and tell you that growth marketing is not some magical fairy dust. Work hard, then work smart…and do not stop working. That’s basically it.

A few things you should know about me:

  • I speak Hungarian, French and English
  • I love anything octopus related (food, books, robotics)
  • I deeply love what I do for a living

A few of my proudest accomplishments:

  • I am a Smashing Magazine author
  • I got the best review from Martin Splitt

But in real life…

  • I am a dog mom to a mini Doxie named Mocsing
  • I travel the world as a digital nomad
  • I operated heavy machinery once. Here’s proof:

So now…

If you Googled me to know who your teacher was going to be…You have the answer! I am going to be one of those high energy teachers.

If you Google me to know a bit more about the speaker you were going to see…My hair color may or may not be pink|blue|purple|orange at the moment.

If you were thinking about working with me, here is my pitch to convince you to hire me!